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  • Cipriani Food Bellini...


    Arrigo Cipriani Alcohol free cocktail - White peach puree and soda - a great and glamorous drink for everyone.

    4 pack - 4x180ml

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  • Beirut Rose


    The Beirut Rose tea blend is made of 4 types of sensual roses from Beirut, containing petals and the rare Damascus rose buds, with Green tea full leaf and a hint of hibiscus. The benefits of our Beirut Rose blend are numerous, it has antioxidant green tea and a hint of hibiscus that helps the blood flow. The tea is very soothing and delightful, with beautiful rose colour.

    Ingredients: Dried Rose from Beirut, Damascus Rose buds, Hibiscus, Green Jasmine tea.

    How to brew: On 90˚C for 2-3 minutes, preferable to use a candle warmer to maintain heat.

    Theine Level: De-caf 

    Blue House Tea Classification: Organic

    Tea Leaves Origin: Lebanon, Damascus & Sri-Lanka

    Food Pairing: Rose or Red fruit cakes.

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  • Cipriani Food Large Hamper


    This gift box is epitome of a Cipriani Food day: Some of the most classic signature dishes created at Harrys Bar, Venice. The gift box includes 15 items of the most delicious products from Cipriani Food, including different types of pastas, sauces, sweets and Bellini.

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  • mai Icebox
    • New

    mai Icebox

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  • Crik Crok Plus Original


    All the taste of Crik Crok chips with a PLUS, the unusual shape and the innovative tube. Thanks to the tube, they are perfect for a snack "On the go". Comfortable to close thanks to the lid. Gluten-free. 100g

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  • Cipriani Food Fusilli Pasta


    Pasta without egg, organic durum wheat semolina. With their beautiful spiral design they perfectly absorb every condiment. You can enjoy them one minute before the suggested cooking time.

    Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose-Free, Milk-Free

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  • Tagliarelle Delicata Pasta


    The flavor, texture and delicacy of our sheet of pasta to be enjoyed lightly. We separate the egg, using only the noble egg white proteins, to create a new, even simpler and tastier specialty.

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  • Cipriani Food Penne Pasta


    Pasta without egg, Organic durum wheat semolina

    Organic, Vegetarians, Vegan, Lactose-Free, Milk-Free

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  • Cipriani Food Organic Pesto


    A pesto with a strong taste, made with extra virgin olive oil. Our Tuscan basil is processed in the shortest possible time, in order to maintain all the aroma and taste of the freshly picked leaves. The absence of garlic and cheese among the ingredients makes it more digestible. To be used not only to season pasta, but also to be spread directly on bread, or as a condiment on boiled potatoes and meats.

    GlutenFree, Organic, Vegetarians, Vegan, LactoseFree, MilkFree

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  • Turmeric Star Herbal Blend


    Ingredients: Verbena dried leafs, turmeric, ginger powder, and  star anis

    How to Brew: On 100C for 3-4 mins, preferable to use a candle warmer to maintain heat.

    Theine Level: no theine – all herbal

    Tea Leaves Origin: Lebanon Damascus

    Food Pairing: white cheese and light savory sandwiches

    Blue House Classification: Organic

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  • 3 PACKS - Cipriani Food...


    Cipriani Food ice-cream (Mix-Three Flavors) 

    Chocolate, Vanilla , Bellini                                       

    Weight for each: 300grams

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  • Cipriani Food Sansovina


    A light onion sauté’ is the basis of this sauce, whose absolute protagonist is the maremman tomato. A basil leaf perfumes it and gently tastes it. A quick sauté’ is enough and the sauce is immediately ready to season our pasta. The best way to replicate the flavors of Cipriani restaurants at your home. The organic cultivation which our raw materials come from is based on details such as: crop rotation; prevention against pests through the choice of the varieties, the sowing and cultivation techniques; the mechanical tillage of the soil to avoid the invasion of weeds; the constant maintenance of humus, fertilizing the soil naturally.                               

    Gluten Free, Organic, Vegetarians, Vegan, Lactose Free, Milk Free

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